Class Descriptions

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Class Key

Postural Alignment Therapy (Soft Props)

Ideal for clients with more significant challenges such as pain, substantial rounding through the spine, injury and limited mobility. Soft props only. Suitable for seniors and tentative beginners.

Postural Alignment Yoga (All Props)

Most everyone starts here - even experienced yogis. We use all the props in these classes, including the backbender and headstander. New yogis are taught yoga poses. All classes work to increase mobility and strength in spine, shoulders and hips.

Premium Classes

The teacher can focus to the needs of students who are comfortable on the big props and who know basic yoga poses without having to go back to the basics with new students. Class size is restricted, allowing the instructor to provide more hands on support and individualized attention. Premium classes are ideal for more committed students looking to grow their skills, challenge themselves and make consistent progress. Premium class pass required.

Other Classes

You may find other types of classes on the schedule. Please read the class descriptions to learn more.