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202, 1933 – 10 Ave. SW

Calgary, Alberta T3C 0K3


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Please note: This map is provided for your convenience. Parking regulations may be subject to change. It's your responsibility to obey street signage.


New to yoga?

Are your classes good for people who haven't done yoga before?

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

New to the studio?

If you are new to the studio, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to park, find the studio and meet your teacher. If the studio is open before the class, feel free to set up your mat and relax.

I am an experienced yogi. Do I need to start with a beginner-friendly class?

Are there change rooms/washrooms?

Can I bring my bag or a water bottle into class?

If I'm running late, can I slip into class?

About online payment and sign ups

We use an online booking software service called "MINDBODY". You can make payments and booking directly through our website or on the free MINDBODY app.

If you download the app, be sure to mark our studio as a "Favourite" to make it easy to find our schedule.

How late can I cancel my class registration?

How late can I cancel my massage or private appointment?

How do I cancel?

Questions about pain and injury

I have back pain or other significant pain. Can I use the props?

Do the props hurt?

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