Pre & Post Natal Yoga

with Amy Bidrman


With many years experience teaching pre and post natal yoga, Amy is loved for her open and honest style. She has a passion for sharing down-to-earth information about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and mothering. Her classes are a safe and supportive place for young mothers.

In Amy's classes, you'll learn about your body, your baby and your birth. You'll build mobility, strength and healthy posture habits that will give you a sense of relaxed grace and easy movement. You'll find comfort and companionship with other mothers while building a resilient body and peaceful mind.

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Prenatal Classes

  • Prenatal classes are for all stages of pregnancy.
  • Practice breathing and deep relaxation techniques.
  • Build self awareness and connect with your baby.
  • Increase strength and mobility in your changing body.
  • Share candid discussions and get clear answers to your questions about labour and birth.

Postnatal Classes

Classes focus on the health and well being of new mothers. As Amy says, "The babes are good at getting their needs met. We don't need to take time from class to focus on them."

All new mothers are welcome. The focus on pelvic floor health applies to all women whether they've given birth vaginally, surgically, or not at all.

  • Increase your strength and flexibility.
  • Build pelvic floor awareness and health.
  • Connect with other mom's and create friendships to carry you through these special years.
  • Practice yoga with your baby. (Babies not yet crawling are welcome.)

A yoga studio with a difference

Unique to Calgary, ours is the only studio offering pre- and postnatal Critical Alignment yoga classes. Learn more about our style of yoga HERE >>

  • Practice in a small, sunlit studio.
  • Experience deep relaxation while building strength and alignment, especially through the spine.
  • Significantly increase mobility in the hips and shoulders.
  • Join regular classes when you're ready.


Pre and Post Natal classes are offered as 6 week registered series on an ongoing basis. The series price is the best deal and guarantees your spot. Drops ins are allowed, space permitting. Prices are subject to GST.



Cost per class

6 Week Registered Series



Drop in



Free Trial Class (Post Natal only)*



*Mom's who are unsure about Post Natal classes can try a class for free, space permitting. How to get a free trial class:

1. Set up an account on the Registration Page >>

2. Let Amy know when you want to attend so she can save your spot. You can email her with the contact form below or text or call 403-714-4481.

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Meet Amy Bidrman

With more than 20 years experience in the childbirth community in Calgary, Amy shares a practice that will take you deeper into understanding and preparing for birth, and afterword making your way back to mobility and strength.

Amy has two grown children with her husband of 25 years. With her sister, she self publishes a “Zine” for conscious caregivers.

Amy recently returned from spending 3 years in Nebraska where she and her husband helped care for her mother with Alzheimer’s. Amy’s talents were put to use in a different way, providing her with perspective and growth.

"The challenges we meet from the most honest and vulnerable place inside ourselves truly demonstrate that the only way out, is through." ~Amy


Hilary Amante

"Amy lovingly guides her moms through the early stages of motherhood with deeply nurturing pre- and post-natal yoga. The trust I had in my body and its capabilities throughout pregnancy, delivery and beyond stemmed from the time I spent with her, soaking up her knowledge and being part of the incredible community she fosters in her classes.

At a point in my second pregnancy when all seemed to turn upside down, Amy was a beacon of light, right there easing me back into those familiar poses, guiding my breath, helping me to recognize the absolute miracles our bodies are capable of carrying forward, and to believe again in the ability of my mind and body to overcome the unexpected. While my children are now rapidly growing through their school ages, I still find myself connecting with the energy Amy shared well over a handful of a years ago, and I am forever grateful."

While my children are now rapidly growing through their school ages, I still find myself connecting with the energy Amy shared well over a handful of a years ago, and I am forever grateful."

Beth McIvor

"Amy is all mothers' mother. She is a kind, approachable, knowledgeable and intelligent teacher. She leads a safe and supportive class always leaving time to dive deeper into a pose or topic. Amy is a leader in the pre and post natal community and she radiates acceptance for all!"

Sarah Hayduk

"I did pre-natal yoga with Amy, and a prenatal workshop. Her knowledge, calming presence, wisdom and support made my pregnancy more enjoyable and prepared me for a beautiful birth experience as much as the yoga did. She showed my colicky baby some love while I gently stretched my sleep-deprived, post-natal body and we were both calmer when we were in those mom and baby yoga classes. We loved it (and her!) so much, I continued to bring my children to do yoga in the park with her for many years afterwards, and I recommend any classes she is offering to every pregnant friend!"

Jennifer Scott Munoz

"Amy is the real deal! She's so passionate about mamas and babies, and truly has your best interest at heart. She is kind, gentle, caring, and so darn funny. She's the walking definition of a hug. Honestly, you will feel so cared for and loved in her classes. You will learn SO much about your body, your baby, and your super powers that you didn't even know you had. Amy is a gift to our community."

Questions? Contact Amy