Regular Class Prices

Introductory Offer* (new clients only)

$50 +GST for 2 weeks unlimited regular classes!

Did you know?

Massage Club members SAVE 15% off 10 Pass Cards AND $20 on massage?

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Drop In*

$25 + GST

10 Pass*

$170 + GST

Monthly Autopay*

Special Offer!

12th month free!

Offer ends Sept 15

$108/mo + GST

Bonus! 1 FREE friend pass per month PLUS 10% off workshops.

One Month UnLimted*

$150 + GST

The Fine Print

All prices are subject to GST. Prices and terms may change without notice. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Introductory Offer: This offer is for new students only. Valid for 2 weeks from first class. One time purchase per person.

10 Pass Cards do not expire.

Monthly Autopay: Our best deal! Virtually unlimited - up to 30 regular classes per month. Extra perks: one FREE bring a friend pass per month and 10% off workshops. Contract terms: Cancel any time after 3 months.

How to get your "bring a friend pass" - tell us when you want to bring a friend and we'll provide you with a complementary pass.