What are premium classes?

Premium classes are for students who are comfortable on the big props and who know basic yoga poses. The purpose is to create a space where the teacher can focus on the needs of more experienced and committed students without having to attend to the needs of students who are just getting started with the props and the practice.

If you want to challenge yourself and grow your skills, these classes are for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

  • Both Intermediate and Advanced Premium classes offered.
  • No beginner students - wait until you have experienced with yoga and you know how to use our props before trying a premium class.
  • Class size is restricted.
  • The instructor provides more hands on support and individualized attention.
  • Prices reflect the extra value offered in these classes. The same rates apply for Intermediate and Advanced Premium classes.

One of the standout features of our studio is that we cater to the needs of serious yoga students and advanced practitioners. There's nowhere else in Calgary you can learn and practice advanced asana under the guidance of an expert teacher using the Critical Alignment props.

Danielle is well known for teaching advanced asana. Her many years of study and her work as a registered massage therapist mean she is highly skilled at providing confident, hands on instruction and support.

Under her supervision you will build a sustainable practice and continue to grow your skills for years to come. Progressively challenging classes mean you never stagnate. You’ll continually reach new levels and surprise yourself with new achievements.

Next Steps:

Review the Premium Class Schedule and Premium Class Prices.

Use this contact form to inquire about our Premium Classes if you have questions.