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Our yoga and movement classes are based on Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga, developed in the Netherlands by the visionary Gert van Leeuwen.

(We call our classes Postural Alignment Therapy/Yoga because most Calgarians haven't heard of "Critical Alignment" and often find the name confusing.)

The importance of postural alignment is gaining attention because alignment is key to greater mobility, less pain and lower risk of injury. Cues like “neutral spine” and “squared hips” are now commonplace in fitness classes.

Our classes are different. We don't just cue alignment. Our amazing props align, mobilize and strengthen the spinal column, hips and shoulders. Our exercises help develop full range mobility and strength so the body grows strong, supple and resilient.

The Props

Critical Alignment Yoga props are classified as "Soft Props" or "Big Props".

Soft Props

  • Black Spinal Strip
  • Felt Pad

Big Props

  • Back Bending Bench
  • Head Standing Bench
  • Shoulder Stand Block

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The props work to rebalance the body and improve postural alignment and movement quality because they:

  • Act as an external framework to guide the body into better alignment. We use them to more precisely position the spine, hips and shoulders.
  • Are made of specialized materials against which the body can relax and mobilize.
  • Serve as a feedback system, helping you uncover and correct preference patterns in your movements and postures.
  • Lengthen and traction the entire spinal column.
  • Activate and retrain deep postural muscles.

Students are using the backbending bench in combination with the black spinal strip to open and mobilize the spinal vertebrae.

Our classes  help

  • Restore postural alignment and correct muscle imbalances.
  • Mobilize and strengthen the entire spinal column.
  • Increase mobility in the hips and shoulders.
  • Reduce pain and tension.
  • You grow taller (yes, really).
  • Improve your performance in other sports.
  • You master new movements and advanced yoga poses.

Students are using the headstanding and backbending benches, along with the black spinal strip to release tension in the neck, elongate and strengthen the spine, develop balance and improve postural control.

Small Classes, Expert Feedback

The teachers in our studio are well studied in anatomy and biomechanics and expert at cuing movement and posture. Small classes mean you’ll get the feedback you need to practice with confidence, knowing your positions and movements are optimal and safe. 

Over time you’ll deepen your knowledge of anatomy and learn to optimize your posture and movement habits in ways that translate to all your physical activities. You’ll move with greater ease and reduce your risk of injury.

Back Bending Instruction

Our heads and spines naturally round forward as we age. Time spent sitting in cars, bent over phones and hunched at office desks accelerates the process at an alarming rate. 

Developing a backbending practice is an excellent antidote to our modern lifestyle and helps reverse the rounding in our backs. Done properly, backbending lengthens, strengthens and straightens the spine.

We are the only studio in Calgary that teaches backbending classes for all levels. Our step-by-step approach ensures you develop a comfortable and skillful practice.

You’ll experience freer movement along the length of your spine, decompress your vertebrae and improve your posture. In fact, backbending will make you taller, even as you age.

Premium Classes

Another unique feature of our studio is that we offer next level classes tailored to experienced and committed students.

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